Warren Rhode Island Bounty Hunter Salary And Job Requirements

When a person who has been bailed does not comply with the schedule of their court activities, the bounty hunters or the bail enforcement officers will search for them. Once individuals miss their trial while out on bail, they become fugitives of the law. Fugitives are arrested by bounty hunters and returned to police custody where they’ll await trial.

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How Much Do Bounty Hunters Earn?

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A bounty hunter takes an income around $50,000 to $80,000 annually besides the ten or twenty percent of the bail. There is a high employment rate in this line of work because of the growing number of cases where people disregard court dates. Those bounty hunters with official certification and working experience will have the most job opportunities open to them.

What Kinds Of Tasks Does A Bail Enforcement Agent Take On?

The police bring an individual who made a crime in the station and hold them there. The individual will be brought to processing of records before a prosecutor could create a schedule on the court trial. Prosecutors have a set amount of time after booking happens in which they must lay charges. Time may differ in various states but they commonly take 48 to 72 hours. After charges have been placed, the defendant is brought before the court. There the judge will recite the charges that have been laid against the defendant.

The judge will ask whether the accused pleas guilty or not guilty. Once a plea has been reached, the presiding judge, based on the crime the accused is charged with, may allow the defendant to leave police custody in return for bail. This helps both the judicial system and the accused because it liberates the judicial system from the expense of housing offenders, while simultaneously permitting defendants to leave police custody while they wait for their trial. Bail also serves as an incentive for accused to attend their trial.

The amount of bail given by the judge could be hundreds of thousand dollars. Sometimes, one cannot pay the bail on their own. A bondsman will cover the bail for the accused in this case. Attending the trial means the bail will be refunded. Nonetheless, if the defendant chooses not to attend or misses his court date the court seizes his bail and issues a warrant for his arrest.

Bounty hunter services are hired when he bondsman discovers the accused will not be able to repay the money since he or she did not attend the court. A bounty hunter will perform interviews, researches, and a lot more activities if it means they could return the individual to police custody. While they are at it, they still have to remember to abide by the regulations of the state.

Some states such as Washington requires bounty hunters to get adequate reason before coming into a private establishment. They must confide with the law enforcement authorities if they have to get into a private premise. If the bounty hunter is in Virginia, he will have to make a 24 hour notice ahead of time and a 60 minute notice following the arrest.

Means To Become A Bounty Hunter

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A few states need bounty hunters to get a license to work within that state. Adhering to the law is important to some states especially when it comes to the job of bounty hunters. There are states that don’t permit bounty hunting in any form. Since the licensure process and prerequisites differ from one state to another, it’s important that anyone wanting to become a bounty hunter first acquire idea of what his state necessitates.

Minimum Prerequisites

Candidates planning to become bounty hunters should also comply with other prerequisites. They must go through a criminal record check and they should pass an exam. A U.S. citizenship is needed, together with evidence that the person is a resident of the state. They should possess a valid driver’s license. It is vital that they haven’t committed any minor or major crimes. The age qualification for applicants depends on the state’s rules; some require at least 18 years old, while others require at least 21 years old. The biggest factor to consider is the amount of training executed. Numerous states need potential bounty hunters to participate in an academy or community training college. Apart from the physical training, they’ll also be taught the different regulations for a bounty hunter in the state. Some states even demand candidates to accomplish particular accredited courses.

Requirements In Education

To be hired in bounty hunting, it is important that the individual learns the laws of the state in the matter so that no illegal actions are made in the middle of the process. There are states such as Washington, which requires bounty hunters “reasonable cause” before they can enter the private property and perform their job. Before entering, they have to let the law enforcement officials of the state be aware. The law enforcement office will need a bounty hunter to provide information 24 hours before the arrest and 60-minutes after the arrest. Internship will take place right after the training; this is where they will implement their knowledge on the field.

Credentials And License

There are states that will need bounty hunters a license after they finish the training for the field. To get this license, candidates should take and pass a licensing exam, which will cover the laws of the state. Requirements may vary in numerous states but the common ones are at least 18 or 21 years of age, clear of any felonies, and a completed apprenticeship. Several states will give a license to people who have law enforcement backgrounds. When a bounty hunter becomes licensed he will be able to work freely within the state that awarded him his license.